About Us

Grab-A-Java, Springfield’s first gourmet drive-through coffee shop has been serving-up delicious coffee and light-hearted fun for over 20 years.  While traveling on the west coast founders Meg and Pete Lazara fell in love with a simple coffee shop that offered excellent coffee served by outstanding people.  At that time Meg was a nurse and Pete was an economist for the State of Illinois.  The couple dreamed of bringing an exceptional coffee experience to their beloved community.   

In 1996 the couple opened the first Grab-A-Java location on 6th street and the community fell in love with the quality and the speedy drive-through.  To expand reach to amazing customer on the west side of Springfield, a second location was built on Hedley Road in 2004.  

The iconic banners that are displayed at stores began as idea to grab coffee lovers’ attention as they drove pass the stores.  Pete had no artistic background and started making the cheeky banners with paint over-runs on drop cloths.  The banners were a hit and Springfield residents looked forwards to seeing Pete’s sense of humor expressed in art. 

Grab-A-Java continues to appeal to Springfield residents and visitors with its quality products, friendly service and fun personality.  In 2018 the business transitioned to new owners Vicky and Bill Legge and they are proud to continue the legacy of awesome coffee, served fast, by amazing people. 


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